How 3CX Took New Zealand By Storm

It’s great to see that newcomers to the NZ VoIP market target 3CX as the leading PBX system established in NZ, the reasons speak for themselves and Soft Solutions has a large amount of experience after bringing it to market back in 2011. Our inhouse team brings strong local support with our years of experience around 3CX, VoIP hardware and SIP technology. We provide local training and update events across the country throughout the year and 3CX team members travel from Cyprus to NZ at least once per year for training and sales events. 3CX also rolled out a new Reseller Partner Program earlier this year which rewards their active partners along with increasing their support hours which are from 10am to 7pm local NZ time. There are multiple local SIP providers in NZ who have been certified to work with 3CX and this is increasing which means you are not locked into one provider. 3CX is your future-proofed PBX system – it is a software-based open standards IP PBX system with easy installation, management, maintenance, scalability and affordability. It is a robust solution with over 99% of sales in NZ being for the Pro Edition which includes all the key features you’d expect in a PBX along with call centre functionality, application integration and web conferencing. With its unique licensing model of per simultaneous call and the flexibility of softphone clients with presence information or VoIP hardware it should be your go-to PBX solution.

If you are not a 3CX Partner you can sign up here or contact our sales team for further assistance with the leading IP PBX solution that is 3CX.