Enjoy your holiday thanks to SolarWinds RMM

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, summer is almost here and the Christmas decorations are out. This means only one thing – rushing to make sure that your customers sites stay up and running while you go on holiday.

A RMM tool, like SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management, is a fantastic way to alleviate that stress. It gives you an essential set of tools to maintain the devices without constantly having to remote in, visit the site or in the worst case get a call from the customer to learn that their system is offline.

Here’s how SolarWinds Remote Monitoring can help you relax on holiday:

  • Automation: Whether it’s updating and installing patches or scheduling regular, monotonous tasks (like disk clean ups and defrags) RMM has the capability to reduce workloads by taking care of the simple things for you.
  • Monitoring: Inbuilt checks monitor the aspects of a system you deem important and will alert you in the event that one of them fails. You will be the first to know when disk space runs out, or a backup fails or the devices goes offline.
  • Security: Built in Web Protection gives you piece of mind that there will be no unauthorised web browsing while you’re enjoying your time off and the integrated Bitdefender anti-virus provides additional security by protecting the machine from malware. On top of that they are both very affordable and easy to deploy.
  • Backup: The system comes with an integrated file based backup system that can grab just what your client needs or the whole system state. With the handy web console recovery data is just as easy.
  • Risk Intelligence: Want to make sure the site is secure before you leave? Risk Intelligence is capable of running various scans on the network to look for insecurely stored information, insecure ports and other vulnerabilities. Identified risks are then compiled into detailed reports for you to present to the client.

It’s also a good idea to understand the challenges being faced by SMB’s. That’s why Soft Solutions is excited to have Cam Wayland from Channel Dynamics here to present on the Trends in Cyber Security on the 22nd of November. Interested in attending? – Register Here

Remote Monitoring & Management is free to trial for 30 days. After that you once live you are only billed for what you use. No buying bundles of nodes you don’t need. Only pay for devices monitored and service used. Ramp up or wind down, it’s up to you

Contact the SolarWinds MSP team if you are interested in more information.

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