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  • 3CX Advanced Training in Christchurch – 15th November 2017
  • Grandstream Templates for 3CX Phone System
  • 3CX v15.5 SP2 is loading…
  • Grandstream WiFi – What is MIMO?

3CX Advanced Training in Christchurch – 15th November 2017

We are conducting training on 3CX in Christchurch on the 15th November. This training is open to all new or active 3CX Partners and is aimed at pre-sales and support technical personnel tasked with the responsibility of promoting, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting 3CX client installations. This training will contain material for passing the 3CX Advanced Certification. The Advanced course is designed for partners who currently have an understanding of the Basic course material.

To register for this event and to view the agenda, please visit the following link: 3CX Advanced Training Christchurch – 15 November 2017

Grandstream Templates for 3CX Phone System

Our templates for Grandstream devices for use with 3CX Phone system are working with v15.5, you can find the latest ones available here. Note that these are now arranged based upon the month and year they were last revised. Please check back regularly as templates are also updated during existing 3CX versions and feature bug fixes as well as support for new 3CX versions when they are released.

3CX v15.5 SP2 is loading…

3CX have just released a new blog post around upcoming features in a future service pack release. 3CX users will be looking forward to hotdesking, QR code smartphone setup and more. Check out the post for more on the upcoming release.

Grandstream WiFi – What is MIMO?

As bandwidth requirements in WiFi increase, new standards need to evolve to handle the additional surge of data usage. One such technology is called MIMO, and the Grandstream GWN7610 wireless access points support this technology to allow for numerous concurrent client connections. Check out Grandstream’s latest blog article which covers off the technology in detail.

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