Why a Password Manager isn’t just for IT admins?

It’s challenging for me (non IT user) to have different passwords for everything. Deep down we know we should use complex passwords and not use the same password in multiple places, however I really struggle with it because I cannot remember these passwords and frequently have to reset them to gain access. As a habit I have also started to save passwords in browsers which is convenient (unsure how safe that is) but again doesn’t help me when I am logging onto websites/applications from different computers. I also forget these passwords quicker because I don’t have to enter them each time.

We have seen people write passwords on post-it notes on their monitors, write them in a notebook, keep unprotected excel spreadsheets or worse just use the same password for everything.

We choose convenience over security and why wouldn’t we? We don’t get hacked daily or lose money frequently when our personal email/social media accounts gets hacked and used to spam our connacts. We take this risk and only regret when we are affected directly. I have personally been in a situation where because I used the same password on eBay and Uber and my eBay was compromised, a few people in London enjoyed a few very nice UberEats which had my credit card details saved.

The risk is a lot higher for businesses. Cyber risks to a company can cripple them to a halt, cost so much money and loss of reputation and revenue. Unless your business is not run by people the personal challenges we have with managing our own passwords carry over to work.

How can a business protect themselves? … One way is through software and hardware solutions but we shouldn’t forget that users are still the easier target for cyber-attacks.

A password management solution like can help. I only say that it can because it’s still only part of the defense. Educating users is just as important as any systems put in place.

How can Password Manager Pro (PMP) help me?

  • I no longer have to remember passwords except the one password to PMP.
  • I can now have a complex password like “NhB%j?Mq9Fzhlk_C” instead of Passw0rd, Passw0rd1, Pa55w0rd for everything.
  • I don’t have to use the same password more than once.

What do I have to do to start using it?

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How does Password Manager Pro help the business?

  • Enforce Stronger passwords company wide
  • Monitor/audit and detect unauthorised use
  • Regularly rotate passwords and not have to worry about breaking systems when an privileged password is reset

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