#WannaCry – If you’re reacting, it could be too late

WannaCry hit the industry like a freight train this weekend and while security experts/ providers have been scrambling to come to terms with how fast it has been spreading and how to remediate, a common reply has been resonating from on-high as to how this could have been avoided in the first place, and of course what the best way to resolve the issue is.

Patching and offsite backup.

WannaCry exploited a Microsoft vulnerability, as is often the case with advanced threats. The kicker comes in when you are told that the hole was patched back in March, and applying the patch would have stopped the threat in its tracks. Kicking yourself yet?

Patching isn’t fun, but there are plenty of solutions that can fully automate the process and could have made sure that that one critical patch was applied earlier.

  • ManageEngine Desktop Central: Desktop Central empowers end user organizations to take control of their security and provides full automation of patching for Windows, Mac and third party applications from a convenient web-based interface.
  • SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management: For those organizations who provide external IT services for their customers RMM gives them full control of patch management for the client’s machines which means that those machines are always kept up-to-date and secure

Of course, when the worst does happen having an up-to-date offsite backup to roll back to is essential, and again there are some strong solutions out there that can provide this capability.

  • SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery: A fully cloud-based solution that allows managed service provides to easily backup and restore client data from their own office. Backup at the File/ Folder, application OS and System state level and easily restore only what’s required or do full bare metal and VDR when necessary
  • StorageCraft ShadowProtect: An industry stalwart, everyone is familiar with ShadowProtect’s capabilities and effectiveness, but few know that ShadowProtect has the ability to replicate offsite using IntelligentFTP, or quickly fire up a server using Headstart Restore, both of which are free and can save your customer when their servers are compromised.
  • ShareSync: This file sync and share product lets you copy files automatically across multiple devices and into the cloud, plus if something does go wrong – ransomware encryption or even just a bad edit – the included versioning capability means you can track back to an older state of any file

One more notable entry in this list is SOS, Soft Solutions storage service for offsite ShadowProtect backups. Soft Solutions is here to discuss all of these solutions with you and provide technical assistance and product demos. Contact the Sales Team to get additional information on the products above.

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