How Cloud Benefits IT Resellers

CompTIA’s “IT Industry Outlook 2017” reports that “39 percent of channel firms say the opportunity in cloud computing is the top reason to be optimistic about the channel’s future and yet … another 30 percent say cloud computing is a leading reason to be pessimistic about the channel’s future.” But the report suggests that growing pains are the most likely reason for the lack of optimism. The report also comments “Many SMB clients provision cloud solutions on their own. But when things go wrong with a specific SaaS application or uptime performance is spotty, for example, these self-procured cloud solutions can be a headache. And many SMBs have no idea whom to call, nor, frankly, the time or patience for finding out. That’s where the channel, and in particular MSPs, are finding ways to provide value, solving a crisis for clients and managing vendor relationships. It’s one way channel firms can cement relevancy in the era of cloud.”