SolarWinds MSP – Offer only what matters

Upon hearing the name SolarWinds MSP (Previously GFI MAX/ LOGICnow) Remote Monitoring & Management, you think of a world class managed services platform offering outstanding monitoring capabilities, allowing MSP’s to be proactive and integral in the management of their client’s networks and devices – and you would be right.

What many don’t know is how modular the platform can be. While it can be a be-all-and-end-all platform it is also a solution that allows you to augment and expand on your existing offerings by letting you use only the features that you require in each situation.

Some of the core features that can be offered individually are:

  • Patch Management: Patch management is an essential part of device security but can be difficult to manage across a large customer base. With the Patch Management feature within RMM you can automate and control the patch management process so you can rest assured that the machines are always up to date and protected.
  • Take Control: Relying on either the TeamViewer or MSP Anywhere remote access engines, Take Control is the integratted Remote Access tool within the Remote Monitoring & Management dashboard that allows you to easily respond to issues with the simple click of a button and access any device from the RMM console.

The additional components that can be offered individually are:

  • Risk Intelligence: Run comprehensive risk assessments on customer devices/ networks and provide detailed reports listing vulnerabilities and location of insecurely stored business critical information. Use these reports to build a security offering for your customer to help protect them from threats. Risk Intelligence can also be used purely as a security auditing tool for those customers where compliance is an issue.
  • Web Protection: Advanced web filtering, time-based browsing policies, blacklisting, whitelisting with built-in reporting functionality allow you to control and manage end user web traffic and reduce liability or of threats being introduced through unsafe browsing habits.
  • Managed Antivirus: Built on the award-winning Bitdefender Anti-malware engine, Managed Antivirus provides comprehensive protection using advanced heuristic checks along with Active Protection and Behavioural scanning, all working alongside extensive signature-based scanning to give your clients the best protection possible from various threats.
  • Backup & Recovery: Whether your customer needs only files backed up or the ability for you to provide bare-metal recovery or virtual disaster recovery, Backup & Recovery has you covered. Backup & Recovery is billed per GB of selected data per month, there are also per device options available for those more demanding customers.

Of course, Remote Monitoring & Management can provide the backbone of your managed services offering as well giving you everything you require to effectively manage and protect any site. If you would like to arrange a one-on-one walkthrough of the dashboard and product features, contact Soft Solutions today.

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