Find Weak Passwords… Instantly

Weak passwords provide an easy way for hackers to get inside your network. Right now, some of your users, or your customer’s users, are likely accessing their email and other corporate data using weak passwords. It’s the IT equivalent of leaving your front door key under the flower pot – every burglar knows where to look, and hackers also know all the common weak passwords as well.

No matter how hard IT admins try, users will always try to use easy-to-type and easy-to-remember passwords. Enforcing password complexity can help, but often users use simple substitution, replacing o with 0, L with 1 and so on. This makes it easy for them to remember, unfortunately hackers know this trick well, so it certainly does not stop them. Even admins are not immune, faced with having to enter passwords for privileged accounts many times they succumb to temptation and use insecure passwords for these critical accounts.

With malware, data theft or corruption an ever-increasing threat, it is vital that you find these weak passwords and correct them before the hackers can exploit them. Thycotic makes this simple with their free Weak Password Finder Tool, which will quickly and easily identify the riskiest passwords among your Active Directory users. It uses the same publicly-available lists of more than 1.5 million passwords that the hackers use to determine weak passwords in your environment.

  • Save hours of effort by discovering weak passwords and associated risks in minutes.
  • Get reports to help you find and change weak passwords.
  • You can re-run the Weak Password Finder at any time to identify password risks and confirm changes to stronger passwords.
  • Weak passwords are detected for any users in Active Directory, including passwords for service accounts and privileged accounts.
  • Passwords can be detected and analysed for any Active Directory account, including Domain Admin accounts, end user accounts, service accounts.

The free Weak Password Finder tool can be downloaded from the Thycotic website:

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