MSP Backup & Recovery: It’s in the name

While things in the security and DR space are always changing, there is that one constant: Backups. No matter what new technology and practices come around, when worst comes to worst the only reliable method to protect your client’s data and get them up and running quickly is an effective backup solution.

MSP Backup & Recovery by SolarWinds MSP is just such a solution, offering you unparalleled flexibility and features.

Has your customer fully embraced the cloud and only has a few files onsite that need to be backed up? MSP Backup & Recovery works on a file/ folder level backup system, meaning that you can easily just choose the important files to backup and restore. Is your client still clinging tightly to their onsite servers? Back up the entire system, including Exchange and SQL, and give them the option of granular restoration to recover a single file/ folder to full Bare Metal Recovery and Virtual Disaster Recovery should the worst happen.

MSP Backup & Recovery features:

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery – Automates a full system restore to Hyper-V or VMware hypervisor. This option can also be used with the Continuous Virtual Disaster Recovery feature to restore each new backup session to a ‘ready to start’ virtual instance in an alternative location, including automatic testing of the restored system. This feature also supports recovery to Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2
  • Bare Metal Recovery – Recover your client’s full system state backup to new hardware. Also helps with server migrations.
  • True Delta Technology – Backs up only the changes to the data, not the full volume, keeping backup windows short and conserving bandwidth usage.
  • Your Cloud or theirs – SolarWinds MSP provides a secure data centre based in Australia where backups are stored, but if have your own resources you have the option to store your client’s data instead.
  • Secure data transfer – Depending on your customers’ requirements data is encrypted with either AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit or 448-bit Blowfish military grade encryption.
  • Local Speed Vault – Keep a local copy of the backup at the customer’s site for quick and easy restorations.

Try it out today by contacting Soft Solutions to set up a free 30-day trial and see first-hand the benefits that MSP Backup & Recovery can offer you.

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