WAP in a snap!

I thoroughly enjoy having hands on time with new tech when it is first released. I must confess I often fall into the trap of the early adopter and have had my fair share of ups and downs with new releases. Late last year a Grandstream GWN7610 wireless access point landed on my desk and I had a great run through of its deployment simplicity when the Grandstream team were in office a couple of weeks back. A few noteworthy things that kept a techy grin on my face:

  1. 250+ concurrent clients can connect to the unit. It’s impressive to see an AP that doesn’t get flakey when the pressure is on, especially when WiFi is treated as a basic need similar to oxygen or water.
  2. Wireless AC. Yes, AC is becoming increasingly common but all my devices are AC and it’s great to see so little compromise at this price point.
  3. PoE capability. Wall warts are becoming increasingly cringe-worthy eye sores and it is vastly easier just running CAT6 from a PoE switch.
  4. 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports. Competitors in the market usually sit with a single port which is great, but having twice the capability is very handy.

5. 3 2.4 / 5 GHz 3dBi antennas. The coverage is superb and the devices can be easily meshed with setting an AP to the Master and pair other WAPs to it. I like seeing 5GHz on WAPs as it makes my 2.4GHz “Customer WiFi happiness” equation obsolete at last! (See below)


6. Clean Web UI – Everything has a logical layout and the GWN7610 is dead simple to set up. Also taking into account Grandstream’s fantastic track record of adding new features and functionality via firmware updates make this a very impressive initial implementation.

7. It just looks good. It passes my “Does it look like it’s from the future?” or “That thing looks like a retro red spaceship” test with ease.

It is a remarkable unit. It pairs easily with other GWN7610s for extended coverage and deployment, is easy to use, affordable and powerful. It is also an easy add-on for VoIP installs since 95% of them will have a PoE switch on the books for the phones too.

We have a few demo units in house and I would strongly recommend taking a unit for a test drive!