VoIP Channel Update – 3CX Auckland Training

In this update:

  • 3CX Training in Auckland Confirmed
  • Learn Stuff with Matt
  • 3CX Release 3CX Phone System v15 SP5 BETA
  • Grandstream’s GWN7610 getting rave reviews

3CX Training in Auckland Confirmed

3CX will be in New Zealand in March, and is conducting 3CX Basic and Advanced training on March 6 and 7 at the Grand Millennium in Auckland. Joining us from 3CX is Yilmaz Kabaran, Sales Executive for Australia and New Zealand, and Nicholas Paras, Global Technical Trainer for 3CX. This training is open and free to all new or active 3CX Partners and is aimed at pre-sales and support technical personnel tasked with the responsibility of promoting, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting 3CX client installations. The content will also assist partners in being able to become certified in 3CX and to prepare for the 3CX Academy online examinations for version 15 certification.

You can register for the training at the following links:

Learn Stuff with Matt

Our Technical Specialist Matt Carey has begun writing a set of blog posts that can assist you in some VoIP and networking scenarios. Read his current posts at the following links:

3CX Release 3CX Phone System v15 SP5 BETA

3CX Phone System v15 SP5 Beta for both Windows and Debian has just been released. New features in the beta include being able to back up the system to Google Drive, a wakeup call service, a new user report showing the most busy call days, based on days, months or years, and more. Read more on this release at: 3cx.com/blog/releases/v15-sp5-beta/. Note: It is not recommended that this BETA build is used in a production environment.

Grandstream’s GWN7610 getting rave reviews

The new GWN7610 is hitting a number of high notes. Onsip have written “The ability to self-manage the device without having to use a separate software, or hardware controller, is extremely convenient” and “The GWN7610 offers high-end security features that are not available on most 3rd party WiFi access points”. Meanwhile a Teledynamics review includes the comment “No matter what router you are using now and no matter what router you may use in the future, the GWN7610 will work well for you.” Grandstream themselves are proud of how easy this WAP is to install and manage “One of the biggest innovations is the incredibly quick, easy and intuitive setup and management process we have designed.” Read about that in this blog post.

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