3 Affordable Remote Access Solutions


Recent events in these shaky times remind us of the need for resilience and flexibility in business, including the ability to work from new locations at short notice. As such, we thought it would be a good time to review three affordable Remote Access solutions our vendors offer.

Graphon GO-Global for Windows

GO-Global is the fast and secure application access and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows applications to your company’s network or the Web. Your applications run on a secure central computer (the Host), making them available to local, remote and mobile devices (the Clients) running just about any platform and operating system, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. The host-resident applications appear on the client devices just as though they were running locally.

GO-Global is a server-based, ultra-thin client solution that eliminates the need for Citrix, Windows Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services. It’s optimised for reliable, secure, scalable application delivery to virtually any network-attached device, regardless of platform or operating system. GO-Global publishes only the application interface, not the entire desktop. With near-zero-footprint clients, only the application interface is delivered over the network and displayed on the remote devices.

The host component of GO-Global for Windows can be installed on either a Windows Workstation (7, 8 or 10) or Windows Server (2008 R2 or 2012). If installed on Windows Server, RDS CALs are required even though GO-Global uses its own high-performance remote access protocol called RXP.

Priced per concurrent user, licensing starts from 1 user at just $262.86 RRP ($210.28 Reseller Buy) inclusive of 12 months maintenance and support.

Visit Graphon.com for more details or to download a free 30-day trial.

Ericom AccessNow

Ericom AccessNow is the market’s first high performance HTML5 RDP Client, providing browser based access to Windows applications and desktops (virtual & physical), running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms, including Microsoft Hyper-V and other hypervisors. Now supports Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Enables mission-critical business continuity as employees can access their Windows applications and desktops via web browser – from any available end-point device, anywhere – without having to install any software or plugins. Ericom AccessNow includes the Ericom Secure Gateway, for secure access to the organizational network. Can be used with, or instead of, an SSL VPN.

Empowers users with the mobility and flexibility to access Windows desktops and applications hosted on Windows Terminal Services/RDP/VDI/physical workstations – from Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android, Google Chromebook, Blackberry – even locked down workstations!

Priced as either Concurrent Users or Named Users, licensing starts at 5 users for just $209.04 RRP ($177.66 Reseller Buy) per concurrent user or $116.31 RRP ($98.87 Reseller Buy) per Named User inclusive of 12 months maintenance and support.

Visit Ericom.com for more information or to download a 30 day trial.

Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards & Software

Harness the power of high-end towers, blade servers or rack workstations by converting them into a workstation that delivers high-end images to any remote location.

Power-users can connect to their workstation remotely with a PCoIP Zero Client and experience the high-performance workspace necessary to their productivity, or a Teradici Software Client when working from home or on the go. Users can work with visuals rendering at 250 mega pixels per second driving 2560×1600 resolution screens with refresh rates of up to 60 frames per second. This means no waiting forever for a change to render, no jaggies or bit-mappy images.

The Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation card is recognized by the system as a display, directly connected to any GPU output through a display cable and leverages the PCIe bus to transmit USB and audio controls. As such, the solution enables the best user experience possible; encoding pixels rendered by the system and encrypting and then transmitting them across any IP network to the end-point client device. Two models providing support for either Dual or Quad displays.

Teradici’s PCoIP Workstation Access Software gives users the freedom to work wherever they want, while enjoying the same experience as they would with a local workstation at their desk. And, IT departments benefit from an easy-to-deploy solution that enables secure remote access to workstations from a broad range of compatible PCoIP endpoints. The solution, based on leading PCoIP technology, provides workstation professionals working remotely with high frame rates and extremely responsive screens, whether working from another location at the office, at home or on-the-go. PCoIP Workstation Access Software focuses on under the desk use case (deskside model), which eliminates the need to upload huge files when working away from the office.

Which to choose, Hardware or Software? – The PCoIP Remote Workstation card provides the best graphics intensive performance however it requires the workstation it’s installed in to be dedicated to remote access. The PCoIP Workstation Access Software allows the workstation to be used as a local device or accessed remotely via a software client on a Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS or Android device or by a remote PCoIP Zero Client.

The Dual Display Remote Workstation Card has an RRP of $790.89 ($672.26 Reseller Buy) and the Quad Display card has an RRP of $1,146.81 ($974.80 Reseller Buy). Licensing for the Workstation Access Software starts at $247.83 ($223.05 Reseller Buy) for a 12 month subscription including maintenance and support.

For more information visit Teradici.com.

Like to discuss which of these solutions best suits your needs? Give me a call on 09 306 0456.