Migrate VMs to AWS and Azure with Unitrends Boomerang

Do you have a need to move VMware VMs to AWS or Azure?

Whether it be for Cloud Migration, Cloud DR or Cloud Burst purposes, Unitrend’s Boomerang provides the ideal solution to move operational Virtual Workloads between your VMware vSphere infrastructure and AWS or Azure.

Unitrends Boomerang is an easy-to-use and cost-effective virtual appliance for replicating VMware virtual machines (VMs) to the AWS and Azure cloud for low-cost backup and disaster recovery. Boomerang also automatically remodels replicated VMs to native Amazon or Azure Machine Images for fast execution, providing an ideal solution for migrating from on-premise systems to the cloud and for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). To date, Unitrends customers have successfully migrated thousands of VMs using Boomerang.

Boomerang solves three typical challenges faced by VMware users.

  • Fast VM replication into the cloud.
  • Uniquely low-cost Disaster Recovery – on premise or in the cloud.
  • Full VM migration to the cloud.

“Boomerang helped us to achieve our goal of creating a hybrid disaster recovery solution,” said Jeffrey Davidson, IT team lead at IASTA, a Selectica company. “We evaluated several alternatives, and Boomerang was the most effective. It easily integrated into our VMware environment, without the need to shut down our servers. Boomerang also provides block-level replication in AWS and enables us to quickly resume our operations in the cloud if necessary.”

Key Features include:

  • Fastest Path to Optimized VM Replication – In as fast as 15 minutes, Boomerang installs, auto-discovers, and takes a snapshot of your VMs. You can quickly align your VMs by Protection Groups for block-level incremental backups, and then optimize their replication frequency and timing, as well as throttle bandwidth, to balance the degree of protection vs cost of network bandwidth. All with military-grade encryption, in-flight and at rest.
  • Multiple Recovery Points Strengthen Your DR Strategy – Ensure your data is resilient to issues with the latest replicated data. You can customize your cloud retention and select from any recovery point you wish to spin up in cloud for failover, DR testing, or migration.
  • Unique “Pilot-light” Feature Minimizes Cloud Disaster Recovery Costs – Boomerang stores your backups in low-cost AWS S3, or Microsoft Azure blob storage, until needed for disaster recovery, keeping cloud costs as low as possible. Boomerang’s one-click failover quickly spins them up as native AWS AMIs or Azure VMs. One more click re-converts to VMware VMs and sends them ready to run back to your datacenter.
  • Easy, Inexpensive VM Migration to the Cloud – Boomerang automates VMware replication and conversion to native Amazon Machine Images or Microsoft Azure VMs, removing the risk of human error and saving you a bundle in license fees. Change your mind? Boomerang reverse converts, too.


Boomerang has two licensing options:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) is licensed per VMware virtual machine. The license is a recurring annual subscription (multi-year options are available). Subscriptions must be renewed for the product to continue to function. Cost is $347 per VM per annum.
  • Migration licenses are a one-time charge per virtual machine. There is no renewal or subscription. They remain active for 30-days. For longer-term migrations, contact your channel or Unitrends representative to discuss options, or simply purchase a DR subscription license instead. Cost is $145 per VM.

You are free to purchase from 1 to as many VM licenses as you need for either option.

DR licenses are counted against the total number of virtual machines included across all Protection Groups. Licenses are not tied to individual virtual machines. They can be switched based on how your Protection Group policies change over time.

Migration licenses are tied to a specific virtual machine. Once the VM is included in the Protection Group for Migration, the license is tied to that virtual machine.

For more information visit http://www.unitrends.com/products/cloud/boomerang-for-vmware or contact our Unitrends BDM Paul Leslie.