Vendor Watch – Rewards aplenty with Paessler PRTG Certification


PRTG Network Monitor uses sensors to monitor what’s happening on IP networks – uptime and downtime, bandwidth usage, and a lot more. Sales of PRTG Network Monitor are growing and although the product auto-discovers a lot of what is out there to be monitored, more and more end users are looking for skilled resellers to assist them to deploy, and get the best from, their implementation of PRTG Network Monitor. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to promote the Paessler Channel Partner program and associated Certification program.

150,000 sysadmins – at organizations from small businesses through the Fortune 100 – have used PRTG Network Monitor to make their networks faster, more responsive, and more reliable. PRTG fits into any budget and can grow with your needs.

Everything can be connected nowadays – literally the Internet of Things. For network administrators this means more and more things are added to a network that weren’t part of traditional IT:

  • Healthcare: Technical devices are often used in order to track a patient’s pulse or heart-rate. If there’s a sudden drop in the heart-rate, an ambulance could automatically be informed, find the patient via GPS signal and hopefully save their life.
  • Manufacturing: You can track assembly lines, manage maintenance and on-time delivery of spare parts or measure the noise exposure of factory workers for example.
  • Visitor Tracking: Systems track how many people are entering a building or a room. This way fairs and conferences can count their visitors, museums can control the number of visitors in one room and even a kindergarten can check if all children came back from the playground.

But what happens if the software crashes, the device gets disconnected or is simply turned off? – You might guess it: PRTG Network Monitor guarantees that your system won’t fail! PRTG can be used for so much more than simple network monitoring.

Paessler Channel Partner Program

Joining the Paessler Partner Program is easy – simply click on the paul.

Benefits of being a Registered Paessler Channel Partner are:

  • Extra margin on all Paessler licenses, upgrades and renewals purchased via Soft Solutions
  • Participation in the Paessler Deal Registration program
  • Ability to be listed on the Paessler website (sales and/or technical certification also required).

Paessler Certified Program

The Paessler Certified Program is designed to give IT and sales professionals the chance to show they are competent and knowledgeable around the use and deployment of PRTG Network Monitor. By using the Certification filters for “Finding a Partner” on the Paessler website potential customers are able to identify those Resellers who have developed the necessary skills to maximize the benefits of a PRTG Network Monitor deployment. The program consists of two levels of certification:

  • Paessler Certified Sales Professional 2016 – Sales Professionals will know the key features of PRTG and can recommend the correct software to their customers. They can help customers to identify the license they will need and can also assist customers with maintenance renewals and license upgrades. Sales Professionals have also demonstrated technical knowledge of PRTG’s main features (cost is 10 Euro).
  • Paessler Certified Monitoring Expert 2016 – Monitoring Experts will have a deep technical knowledge of PRTG. They can demonstrate PRTG to their customers and can consult with customers looking for the proper monitoring solution. Monitoring Experts will be able to discuss architecture options and to provide first-level support to their customers. They can also help customers to determine the best license based on their requirements (cost is 100 Euro).

All training is available online at:

And Soft Solutions will reward you for getting certified as well – that’s right, from now until the end of 2016 Soft Solutions will reward anyone who achieves Sales Professional and/or Monitoring Expert Certification with a $50 Prezzy Card to say “thanks for making the effort”.

Like to know more about the benefits of the Paessler Channel Partner program? Please contact Paul Leslie on 09 306 0456 or email: paul

Paul Leslie – Business Development Manager
Direct: 0-9-306 0456, Mobile: 0-27-482-1630, E-mail: paul