VoIP Channel Update: SofSol VoIP updates in Auckland and more…

In this update:

  • Soft Solutions VoIP Updates Continue in Auckland
  • Grandstream Webinars in August
  • 3CX Release Version 15 SP1
  • Grandstream Provisioning Templates for 3CX version 15
  • 3CX Session Border Controller Update
  • Grandstream’s new DECT solutions pack a punch!
  • FreshDesk CRM Integration
  • 3CX CRM Integration – Develop your own Template

Soft Solutions VoIP Updates Continue in Auckland

Following on from our recent VoIP updates in Whangarei, Hamilton and Tauranga, we are pleased to announce we are continuing our VoIP Seminar series in Auckland this month. Our focus of these events is technical. We don’t want to bore you with copious amounts of sales slides – instead we want to show you real phone systems, real products, kit on display and how they all tie in together to form lucrative, exciting and cutting edge new revenue streams for you. It is the perfect seminar to attend if you are planning to get into selling VoIP, are already selling VoIP systems and just want a refresher or if you want to stay knowledgeable about what else is out there. Seats are strictly limited. Click on the following locations & dates to register today:

We’ll be rolling this out to other centres around New Zealand soon – stay tuned.

Grandstream Webinars in August

Grandstream have announced two upcoming webinars around their technologies:

  • Wednesday 17 August @ 2pm: Learn about Grandstream’s IP VideoTalk Video and Web Conferencing service and how it allows their GVC video conferencing devices to become a great option for any business looking to implement video conferencing. Register at: https://meetings.ipvideotalk.com/34577320/register
  • Thursday 18 August @ 2pm: Learn about Grandstream’s full range of voice, video data and mobility solutions, and how they can help you build powerful communication networks. They will also introduce their new and upcoming products and solutions. Register at: https://meetings.ipvideotalk.com/37517521/register

3CX Release Version 15 SP1

3CX have now released Version 15 SP1, adding the following features:

  • New Active Calls page in the Dashboard.
  • Full localization of the management console and clients.
  • Download Call Reports as well as being able to receive them via email.
  • Highlighting user extensions that have insecure passwords.

3CX have announced a roadmap on what will be seen in future service packs at: http://www.3cx.com/blog/news/uc-features/

Grandstream Provisioning Templates for 3CX version 15

Matt has been busy working on Grandstream templates to work with 3CX version 15. If you need a copy of these, please reach out to him at: matt and he will send these to you with instructions to implement.

3CX Session Border Controller Update

3CX have released a new version of their Session Border Controller (SBC) technology for Windows. This allows remote extensions to connect to a 3CX server without the need of having to open separate ports for audio streams and SIP registrations. 3CX has added a new multi-threading feature that not only improves the performance of phones connected to the SBC but it will also allow a larger number of phones to be connected. You can read more around the performance of the new SBC at: http://www.3cx.com/blog/docs/session-border-controller-comparison/.

Grandstream’s new DECT solutions pack a punch!

Read Matt’s blog post around the new Grandstream DP720/DP750 Dect solution at: https://blog.sofsol.co.nz/2016/07/12/dp750-dp720-release-review/. Note as an introductory special, resellers can order one handset and one base at a 20 percent discount off normal dealer price. Please note the base station does not include a handset, you have to buy at least one DP720 handset for each DP750 base station. Up to five DP720 handsets are supported on each DP750 while each DP720 supports a range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors from the base station. The DP720 retails for $101 ex GST, the DP750 Base Station at $107 ex GST. Please mention “launch special” when you order.

FreshDesk CRM Integration

With this plugin, users can integrate 3CX PRO with FreshDesk CRM and achieve the following benefits:

  • Click to Call – Launch calls straight from FreshDesk via 3CX
  • Call Pop-ups – The customer record is brought up to you automatically during a call
  • Call Journals – Calls are logged as call records in the CRM
  • Create a new contact automatically when a call is received from an unknown number

Read more at: http://www.3cx.com/docs/freshdesk-crm-integration/

3CX CRM Integration – Develop your own Template

With version 15 SP1, 3CX have released a Visual Studio Plugin template to develop your own CRM integration with 3CX. The template supports authentication (None, Basic or OAuth2) and development is limited to CRM’s that support REST and SOAP API’s. You can read the documentation on developing these at: http://www.3cx.com/docs/crm-integration/ – note you do require 3CX Pro edition for these templates to be applied to your installation of 3CX.

If you have any further queries around VoIP, please contact our VoIP team at voip.

Thanks for reading.