VoIP Channel Update – 3CX Version 15 is here…

In this update:

  • 3CX Version 15 is here!
  • FQDN Management from 3CX
  • New Free “PBX” Edition for 8 concurrent calls
  • New “Enterprise” License
  • New Interface
  • More & Customizable Application Integrations
  • Updated Security Capability
  • Other New Features Include

3CX Version 15 is here!

3CX Phone System Version 15 has finally arrived. It’s certainly another step up in terms of functionality and capability.

FQDN Management from 3CX

3CX can now provide an external DNS entry to register a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain name) (xxxx.3cx.co.nz) resolving to your customer’s static IP address. In doing so, 3CX also use “Lets Encrypt” to generate the SSL certificate applied to your installation of 3CX. Note that when you register 3CX – the license key is also bound to the FQDN that you define.

It is advised that 3CX partners do not use their NFR keys to evaluate 3CX Phone System, you can request a license key from 3CX to evaluate using the Free PBX Edition. This is because when you register any license of 3CX including your NFR key – the license key is also bound to the FQDN that you define.
Be sure to leave your subdomain of choice free so it will be linked to the key that you will be using. Do not link your subdomain of choice to a free key (unless you intend to use that).
As well as product updates and upgrades, maintenance for 3CX now includes access to 3CX’s FQDN service.

It is suggested for partners to please read the following around 3CX version 15 and FQDN Management at the links below:

Note: You can still define your own FQDN without using 3CX’s FQDN service.

New Free “PBX” Edition for 8 concurrent calls

Customers can now fully evaluate 3CX Phone System with 3CX Phone System PBX Edition. This gives customer’s full functionality of 3CX – but it is limited for connection to one SIP trunk, and leaves out call reporting or recording, call parking abilities and does not include any call-centre capability. It does include 3CX WebMeeting for 5 connections. Click here for a system comparison. Click here to download the free edition.

New “Enterprise” License

This edition has all the Pro edition features, and allows a license key to be activated in an Active/Passive failover scenario on two machines.

New Interface

The 3CX client and management console interface have been made more user friendly. 3CX has a more UC like interface, whilst retaining its softphone functionality. More themes have been added, as has the ability to specify a custom background/logo.

More & Customizable Application Integrations

3CX now supports more applications out of the box and by adding a scriptable interface that makes it easy to integrate with any CRM / Contact Centre / Outbound call centre solution. These features can be deployed network-wide and maintained centrally. 3CX currently supports: Office 365, Google Contacts, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Act!, Zendesk and Freshdesk with more to follow.

Updated Security Capability

  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certificates
  • Provisioning of phones via HTTPS
  • Connections to client and console via SSL
  • Encryption of Voice Traffic via SRTP
  • All traffic to clients and via SBC is encrypted
  • More secure web server configuration
  • Detection and auto blacklisting of SIP Attack tools

Other New Features Include

  • Ability to install and update centrally via the management console
  • Easy to use scripting interface
  • Easily adapt or create integrations for almost any CRM
  • Create outbound call scripts
  • Standards Based Web Conferencing Included
  • New single stream technology for less bandwidth usage
  • New Android client
  • Personal Click2Meet URL
  • Brandable

NB: Those customers using 3CX Phone System for multi tenancy should continue to use version 14 – multi tenancy for version 15 is due in Q4 2016.

3CX have also announced sales and technical webinars in the coming days that you can join, which cover an introduction and how to install 3CX version 15. You can register at http://www.3cx.com/blog/event-trainings/.

Watch the 3CX v15 Launch Event Webinar (via YouTube)

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