MAX Backup – Now featuring Exchange Granular Restore and Automated Disaster Recovery Testing

The class leading features and functionality of MAX Backup have gotten even better with the recent inclusion of two new features: Exchange Granular Restore and Automated Disaster Recovery Testing for Hyper-V and VMware instances.

MAX Backup is the cloud-based backup solution from LOGICnow, able to back up everything from a single File to an entire Windows Server and everything in between. The intelligent True Delta Technology monitors changes at the block level, ensuring that MAX Backup only has to deal with changes to individual Files instead of having to retransmit the entire File, conserving valuable resources. Backups are not only stored securely offsite (in your datacentre or LOGICnow’s) but can also be stored locally (LocalSpeedVault). This provides piece of mind that you can restore a Workstation or Server quickly plus have a copy of the data in another location should the very worst happen.

Couple all this with Bare Metal Recovery, Data Archiving, File versioning, Virtual Disaster Recovery and being able to keep a standby virtual server up-to-date and ready for action using the Continuous Recovery feature and you have a powerful set of tools to protect and maintain your client’s data.

Adding to this already impressive line of features, MAX Backup is now able to provide:

  • Exchange Granular Restore – Perform granular item level restores for Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, & 2016, from individual emails to entire mailboxes all from the web-based management console for MAX Backup.
  • Automated Disaster Recovery Testing (Hyper-V & VMware) – It is now possible to automatically check the ability to boot a VM recovered via Virtual Disaster Recovery and the Recovery Console. If enabled, partners will receive an email with details of the VDR session and a Screenshot of the booted VM.

You can now have peace of mind that your clients backed up VM’s are recoverable should the worst happen along with providing the ability to recover emails, email folders and mailboxes when the occasional mistake happens.

You are able to test these features and more today. Simply contact the LOGICnow team at Soft Solutions to request a free 30-day trial.

LOGICnow also runs regular training webinars for MAX Backup. If you wish to become certified as a MAX Backup Specialist register for the ‘It’s not bragging if you can back it up’ training course today.

If you would like some additional information on MAX Backup or any of the other LOGICnow products, contact the LOGICnow team today.