VoIP Channel Update – Grandstream Product update webinar and more…

In this update:

  • Grandstream 2016 Product Update Webinar
  • Revised 3CX Partner Program Launched
  • 3CX NFR Rules
  • Grandstream GAC2500 IP Conference Phone
  • Running Android Marshmallow – No problem with 3CX Phone for Android

Grandstream 2016 Product Update Webinar

Grandstream will be conducting a 2016 Product Update on Thursday 4 February at 5:30pm. The webinar will be covering a general outline of Grandstream’s VoIP and Surveillance portfolio, an overview of their recent releases including their video conferencing and VoIP solutions, an introduction to the new Grandstream Device Management Tool, and a sneak peak and Grandstream’s new cloud conferencing service. Click here to register for the webinar

Revised 3CX Partner Program Launched

3CX have now officially released their new partner program. A quick summary of the program is below:

  • There are now 4 levels of 3CX partnership available:
    • 3CX Affiliate
    • 3CX Silver Partner
    • 3CX Gold Partner
    • 3CX Platinum Partner
  • Partner levels are based on how many points earned on new license sales of 3CX (not including 1 month SPLA license), plus training and marketing requirements.

Every partner is entitled to free 3CX support, NFR keys and performance based margin. The size of the NFR keys and the margin varies according to the partner level. Note that if a partner does not sell a new license of 3CX within a one year period, they will lose access to these benefits.

For more detailed information regarding the 3CX Partner program please visit:

For detailed information regarding the 3CX Partner Agreement, please visit:
(Note you will need your 3CX Partner login to access these pages)

3CX NFR Rules

As described above, 3CX Partners receive a free NFR license to use, however please take note of the below two conditions of use:

  • An NFR license issued by 3CX is to be used strictly in demonstration, lab and testing environments – not in production and/or your live main phone system. The NFR key is a tool to help you demonstrate or test the functionality of 3CX. In addition, your NFR license is directly connected to your sales of 3CX within a given period. If you do not make the sales quota, the NFR license will be automatically deactivated, which can be a huge disruption to service if you are incorrectly running the key in a live phone system.
  • As an NFR key is designed to be used in demonstration/testing environments they are accordingly for use for the latest version of 3CX. Please ensure you are staying within the latest major build version of the product to ensure you do not run into problems (in some cases, your old-version will deactivate if you attempt to apply an NFR to it).

Grandstream GAC2500 IP Conference Phone

We are proud to announce that the Grandstream GAC2500 IP Conference Phone is now in stock. Being Android based, the GAC2500 has a number of features that add value for your customers. It includes a 109 mm capacitive touch screen that supports up to 6 lines and 6 SIP accounts while also offering full access to the Google Play Store in order to hold conferences through Skype, Google Hangouts and more. It supports Bluetooth for audio pairing and data syncing with mobile devices, as well as Wi-Fi for wireless calling/conferencing in any location. The unit also has a built in 7-way conference bridge and has a range of 3.6 meters. The GAC2500 retails for $693.00 plus GST. Click here to read more.

Running Android Marshmallow – No problem with 3CX Phone for Android

3CX for Android is now supported for Android 6 Marshmallow. The new client also has improved call quality and some bug fixes. Note this is only recommended for use with 3CX Phone System v14 SP2. Click here to download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

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