Take Control with MAXfocus

  • Would you like to get your hands on a widely-respected, but expensive, remote control solution for just 50 cents a month?
  • Do you require Remote Access for customers using Mac OSX?

An essential tool for any Managed Service Provider offering RMM services is a powerful Remote Access solution, and the undoubted king of Remote Access is TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is feature rich, flexible and offers fast and reliable connection to your customer’s devices allowing you to respond to issues as soon as possible.

But, TeamViewer has one flaw, its cost. A single user license will set you back close to $1,000. This puts the power of TeamViewer out of reach for some who are left to look for more affordable alternatives.

Now for the good news. TeamViewer is available as part of the MAXfocus RemoteManagement platform as its Remote Access component, called Take Control.

You can have the power of TeamViewer at your fingertips for $0.50c per device per month, using Take Control (TeamViewer) as a standalone component of MAX RemoteManagement, or bundle it with the platforms powerful monitoring capabilities, patch management feature, antivirus (using the Bitdefender engine), cloud-based backup and web protection components to provide a comprehensive offering for your clients.

With the proliferation of Apple Mac devices into the workplace, Take Control has recently been updated to be compatible with these increasingly common devices.

If you would like to start a 30 day free trial of MAXfocus RemoteManagement, contact the MAXfocus Team today.