The Successor to Ethernet

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Soft Solutions is in the process of signing up to represent a new breed of network infrastructure technology that will revolutionise how data is carried around a building or a campus. It’s called Passive Optical LAN (POL) or Passive Optical Network (PON) but in layman’s terms, it’s using fibre instead of Cat 6 Ethernet and the benefit is faster speeds, a huge power saving, and a lot fewer cabling panels and the like dotted around a building.

The traditional contact point into your organisation for Soft Solutions has been in the licensing and procurement teams but with this new technology, we would like to also be introducing it to the network architects and structured cabling people in your organisation, or the outside contractors you use for structured cabling, so we would appreciate if you could pass this on please.

As a starting point to introduce this technology we would like to invite you to attend a webinar on 8th December where you will get an expert introduction to the business case for passive optical LAN from the vendor, Alcatel-Lucent. Yes, Alcatel-Lucent is not only about expensive equipment for Telco’s – they also have this incredible network technology and have brought Soft Solutions on board to introduce it to a wider audience.

Here’s the invite from Alcatel-Lucent, and a registration link:

Learn how you can simplify your IT and increase business productivity, while at the same time reducing your operating and capital costs.
LIVE WEBINAR at 4.30pm on Tuesday December 8th.

In today’s competitive business environment the search is on for more effective ways to improve efficiency and increase productivity to enable sustainable growth.

An integrated, robust, reliable and secure IT infrastructure can fuel that growth. Enabling businesses to be more agile in managing increasingly complex interactions efficiently.

Passive optical LAN is a fibre-based alternative to Ethernet LAN that delivers faster connectivity, improved reliability, energy efficiency and financial savings from day one.

This webinar will cover:

  • Passive optical LAN Vs Ethernet LAN
  • Eliminate network refreshes for good
  • Total cost of ownership comparison for passive optical and Ethernet LAN

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Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in fixed network technologies, delivering more than 180 fibre projects worldwide. We power some of the most advanced fibre networks around the world deployed by leading telecom service providers, as well as municipalities, utilities, enterprises, hospitals, hotels and resorts.

To learn more about passive optical LAN please visit: or contact me as below.

Paul Leslie – Business Development Manager
Direct: 0-9-306 0456