VoIP Channel Update

In this update:

  • 3CX NFR for 3CX Partners
  • UFONE Hosted 3CX for Resellers
  • Registering Details for 3CX Licenses
  • FQDN Configuration with 3CX Version 14 SP1

3CX NFR for 3CX Partners

When you sign up to the 3CX Partner Program, you get access to a NFR of 3CX Phone System. The NFR is recommended for internal use and product testing. The NFR license will only remain active for a period of one year if you sell a perpetual or a yearly SPLA license of 3CX. Maintenance renewal purchases do not count. If you do not purchase a full license of 3CX within the year, the NFR gets disabled and the product works as the “Free Edition”. We highly recommend that if you intend to use 3CX Phone System internally that you purchase a license so that if your NFR license expires, your phone system is not left crippled.

UFONE Hosted 3CX for Resellers

New Zealand’s only certified 3CX Platinum, Inter-op and Hosted Partner UFONE have launched 3CX hosted services specifically for resellers. 3CX Partners are able to use their purchased 3CX licenses, or you can purchase bundles including 3CX licenses – and leverage UFONE’s SIP channels to have a completely hosted 3CX instance, using local datacentres here in New Zealand. Monthly pricing is available for a range of different capacities. As all engineers at UFONE are 3CX Advanced Certified, you can be sure that any support queries are quickly resolved. This service is only available to reseller partners, and you can view more information around their offerings at: hosted3cx.ufone.co.nz.

Registering Details for 3CX Licenses

It is a requirement that you enter all end user details when registering a license key of 3CX, nominating your partner name as the reseller. However in certain situations where you are either hosting or renting 3CX for your customer, or registering 3CX for your own use, you may wish to register the solution to yourself as the reseller. In cases like this, in the Company Name field enter your reseller name and in brackets add (HOSTED) or (RENTED) – E.g. My Company Name (HOSTED). This will mean when 3CX activate the license on their backend systems, they know that you own the license yourself and you won’t be e-mailed to re-register the license with the correct details. Please note once you register a license of 3CX and it is activated, you are not able to change the registration details at all.

FQDN Configuration with 3CX Version 14 SP1

There has been a change with Service Pack 1 of 3CX Phone System 14, as you can now define a separate FQDN for internal traffic and external traffic, or you can use a local IP for local voice traffic but you must use an external FQDN for external uses to access the phone system. 3CX have updated their training video on how to setup 3CX Phone System, click here to view.

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