VoIP Channel Update


In this update:

  • 3CX Phone System Version 14 Service Pack 1 Released
  • Spark SIP Compatibility with 3CX
  • Grandstream Phones & Gateways Provisioning Templates for 3CX
  • 3CX Revamps Partner Program to Reward Partner Loyalty
  • 3CX v14 Certification

3CX Phone System Version 14 Service Pack 1 Released

3CX have released Service Pack 1, which has added a raft of features. BLF fields are now included in the 3CX for Windows Softphone making call transfers easier to commonly called numbers or extensions. Another significant change with the 3CX for Windows Softphone is that you can define that your status will automatically switch back to the previous status after a pre-set time, so if you are having a lunch break and you change your status, it will go back to being available after a set point of time. You can also start a 3CX WebMeeting instance with a single click instead of having to schedule it to start. This service pack also removes the need to have split DNS set up. You can read more about the new features at: http://www.3cx.com/blog/releases/service-pack-1-v14/ , and an update is now available within the 3CX v14 console to update to the new service pack.

Spark SIP Compatibility with 3CX

We have just completed testing for 3CX Version 14 Service Pack 1 with Spark SIP and can confirm that this now works with this version. Note that 3CX Phone System Version 12.5 SP2 and Version 14 Pre SP1 do not work with Spark SIP. If you require an updated configuration guide, please e-mail voip and we will send you the latest version.

Grandstream Phones & Gateways Provisioning Templates for 3CX

With the release of Service Pack 1 for 3CX Phone System 14, the Grandstream template definitions have changed for all devices. Although the final templates have not been released by Grandstream, one of our partners has worked on these templates and these are available on request. Please e-mail voip if you would like a copy of them.

3CX Revamps Partner Program to Reward Partner Loyalty

3CX have implemented changes within their current partner program to further reward partners who sell 3CX products such as 3CX Phone System and 3CX WebMeeting. The restructuring of the program includes new partner levels as well as a new points system. The 3CX Partner Program provides partners with all the tools required to be able to sell 3CX for free including NFR licenses, support marketing and sales material plus listing on the 3CX website. The new points system aims at rewarding partners who are certified and trained and who also show loyalty to the company with repeated sales. The new program doesn’t only reflect sales volume, but also the effort and commitment a 3CX Partner shows towards 3CX. You can read up on the new partner program at: 3cx.com/partners/program.

3CX v14 Certification

3CX have now updated the content of their exam material so that you can become a 3CX Certified engineer and a 3CX Certified Advanced Engineer. The content that was covered at our recent training events in Auckland and Christchurch allow you to be able to sit these examinations. To become certified, please visit: 3cx.com/3cxacademy, which has a copy of all the training material and links to sit the exams. There is also a link at the bottom of the page to add people to be certified against your partner account. Note you must be a signed up 3CX partner to be able to access the examinations.

If you have any queries regarding anything on this newsletter, please e-mail our VoIP team at: voip. Thanks for reading.