Unitrends UEB Delivers Affordable and Comprehensive Backup and DR

Unitrends UEB Delivers Affordable and Comprehensive Backup and DR sofsol.png
There are many backup products out there, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here at Soft Solutions we are active proponents of ShadowProtect from StorageCraft but we know that for some resellers, there are reasons ShadowProtect is not the best choice. Whether it’s because you want a more comprehensive management console covering multiple servers and sites, or backup cycles more often than every 15 minutes, or because you want a product that can operate at the physical, hypervisor and guest VM level – for these and multiple other reasons we also have UEB from Unitrends in our portfolio.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is a comprehensive, all-in-one backup and recovery software solution offering data protection and continuity for your physical and virtual infrastructure, purpose-built to run easily on the hardware platform of your choice. Run it as a Virtual Appliance on vSphere or Hyper-V (XenServer soon) OR create your own Backup Appliance by installing the Software onto a machine running CentOS or RHEL – backups physical and virtual environments with support for over 200 operating systems and applications.

Flexible All-in-one software on your hardware:

  • Runs with Your Hardware – You’ve built your datacentre and need to protect it. You’ve standardized on your servers, storage, and virtualization environment. You don’t need more hardware; instead, you need adaptable and agile backup software that will execute within your existing capital infrastructure
  • Simple Scalable – Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) is designed from the ground up with the flexibility and adaptability to match any corporate backup and recovery requirement, from the remote office to the SMB all the way to the largest enterprise datacentre. UEB provides enterprise functionality, a common engine, and the ability to scale as your environment grows.
  • Flexible – UEB provides the agility and flexibility to configure data protection to meet each organization’s unique needs, including an intuitive scheduler, single server and multi-server scheduling, and group management, allowing independent or similar clients to be grouped together in a single backup schedule. Granular and object level application consistency for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and more is also available.
  • Heterogeneous Support – UEB provides easy-to-use data protection for physical, virtual, deep virtual, unified compute protection, and protects over 220 versions of operating systems, hypervisors and applications. UEB’s comprehensive backup allows you to meet diverse corporate data protection and workload demands, without requiring the time, money, and resources to integrate multiple niche backup and recovery solutions.
  • Protection for large scale deployments – UEB provides the features and functions needed to create enterprise-level data protection workflows. Additionally, for these large scale deployments Unitrends also offers optional NDMP NAS protection, providing enhanced storage integration and improved performance for EMC and NetApp NAS devices (including NetApp cluster support for high availability).
  • Continuous Data Protection – World class RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) – backups can be performed as often as once every 60 seconds. Improve your recovery point objectives with Incremental Forever. Near-CDP with up to 10,000 snapshots per week means smaller backup windows and improved network bandwidth efficiency.

Extensive Recovery Options:

  • Unitrends Bridge – Transform protected Windows systems into virtual machines (VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) with Unitrends Bridge, a 1-click P2V (Physical to Virtual) feature Unitrends Bridge also enables instant recovery capabilities for Windows, vSphere and Hyper-V and significantly drives down Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for physical and virtual backups.
  • Instant Recovery with Failover Virtualization – Instant recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Windows, can be used to quickly mount and boot a virtual machine to test the reliability of a backup or as a means of fully returning a VM to a production state. With Instant Recovery a system or application can be operating in 5 minutes or less. Instant Recovery supports virtual (V2V) and physical (P2V) restores.
  • Replication Acceleration – In-memory hashing and deduplication acceleration improves replication performance for large data sizes by up to 100%. This advanced deduplication provides up to 15MB/s, ~120Mb/s replication throughput, faster than the performance of most WANs, and enables continued achievement of Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) even as data requirements continue to grow.
  • WAN Optimized Replication – UEB combines deduplication, compression, and 256 bit AES encryption in flight and at rest for secure byte-level data transmission, reducing bandwidth requirements and providing security assurance of data at rest in the cloud.
  • Application Recovery Assurance for vSphere and Hyper-V – Take the guesswork out of application recovery, eliminate the time and expense of manual testing, and ensure business service level agreements (SLAs) and compliance requirements are met. ReliableDR, an optional add-on, provides predictable mission critical application recovery of multi-tier complex applications, automatic test and certification of VMware and Hyper-V backups and pushbutton failover, locally, across datacentres or in the Unitrends Cloud.
  • Unified Bare Metal – Restore the operating system, applications, and other software onto “bare metal” of a newly provisioned server-even if that server is a different type than the originally protected server with Unified Bare Metal, a one-pass dissimilar bare metal feature that performs both bare metal backup and granular file-level backup simultaneously, so only one backup type is needed. In addition to dissimilar bare metal recovery, there are numerous performance benefits of this one-pass solution.

Radically Simple User Interface:

  • Adaptive User Interface – Our environmentally adaptive user interface provides ease of use without sacrificing click minimization for experienced users and unlike other products, all with virtually no wizards.
  • Single Pane of Glass – A powerful User Interface provides an easy to use drag and drop interface that monitors and manages backup, archiving and disaster recovery through a single, intuitive, pane of glass. This enables you to buy only the virtual appliance or software you need and yet grow the amount of space on your virtual appliance as your business grows. Single pane of glass also allows enterprises of any size to manage, schedule, and monitor backups and restores of multiple remote offices from a single site, eliminating the need for IT resources in those remote offices.

Comprehensive Protection of Your Unique Mix of Assets:

Protection for 220+ versions of operating systems and applications – Unitrends uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine for providing protection for protecting over 220 versions of operating systems, hypervisors, and applications and a wide range of servers and storage including NDMP for NAS, SAN, and Cisco UCS platforms. Unitrends can protect your systems running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, and many others. Optimal data protection for this many different environments have driven a unique data protection architecture that supports agent-based and agentless protection as well as file- and image-level protection.

Deep Virtual Protection:

Unitrends offers virtual infrastructure protection granularly – at the hypervisor level – AND deeply – within specified individual virtual machines. Granular operating system and application level backup means less data to backup while reduced snapshot overhead in virtual environments produces less data. If employed both features lower RPOs. And Unitrends offers protection for physical RDM, iSCSI pass-through, and independent persistent disk configurations in VMware vSphere environments as well as shared VHDX configurations in Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Cloud Empowered Backup and Recovery:

  • Unitrends Cloud – Unitrends Enterprise Backup supports multiple cloud storage options to store backups and archives offsite in the cloud. Replicate backups to the Unitrends No Limits Cloud for extra protection or archive lightly accessed data to the Unitrends Forever Cloud for infinite retention, offloading and expanding the local backup storage. Both can be accessed by Unitrends Disaster Recovery Services for Windows Physical, VMware and Hyper-V VM spin-up in the cloud for BC/DR and continual access to critical applications in the event of a disaster at the primary site.
  • 3rd Party Cloud Support – Unitrends Enterprise Backup also supports archive and backup to 3rd party clouds using the included cloud scheduling and management feature, CloudHook. Support for 3rd party clouds includes Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage including Google Nearline, and Rackspace CloudFiles.
  • Unitrends Cloud DRaaS – UEB provides point-in-time data recovery and speedy restoration of failed systems. But a data protection strategy requires a third component—off-site storage to protect critical data and systems in the event of a disaster at the primary site. For businesses who need a more agile disaster recovery plan but don’t want to run a secondary site, Unitrends offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). DRaaS delivers instant recovery of Windows, Hyper-V, and VMware VMs in the Unitrends Cloud at a cost significantly lower than building and managing an off-site DR facility.
  • Recovery Assurance – For those mission critical application that need fast RTO (Recovery Time Objectives), automated testing, 100% certified replicas for assured failover, and real-time reporting, ReliableDR recovery assurance can be added to any VMWare or Hyper-V Virtual Machine on a VM by VM basis.

No Limits Licensing and Pricing:

Imagine ultimate backup freedom with Unitrends No Limits Licensing that boasts no per client fees, no per agent fees, no per operating system fees, no per application fees and no new release fees. Say goodbye to solutions that nickel and dime for extra license fees.

Unitrends has recently revamped the licensing for UEB to make it simple and affordable. UEB is now licensed simply by the number of “Resources” being protected – a Resource being either a Socket/CPU on a Virtual Host or a Physical Server, regardless of operating system or installed applications. It is available in 4 Editions – Essential, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.

  • UEB Essentials ($530 per resource) – Protects up to 10 resources (sockets or servers), includes file-level protection and integration with Unitrends Cloud. It does not support replication to off-site storage.
  • UEB Standard ($885 per resource) – Protects an unlimited number of resources. Adds second-site WAN-optimized backup and NAS file protection.
  • UEB Enterprise ($1,773 per resource) – Adds enterprise application protection.
  • UEB Enterprise Plus ($2,660 per resource) – Adds NDMP NAS support and unlimited ReliableDR recovery assurance.

Visit Unitrends.com for more information and to download a 30 day trial, or contact me as below to discuss your customer’s requirements.

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