MAXfocus Introduces the Power of LogicCards

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As an IT professional, wouldn’t it be nice to use the experiences and expertise of your peers to help maximise the services you offer? By association, this would allow you to provide an all-round better experience for your customers by improving support and security without them ever needing to ask.

LogicNow have been working to do just that. LogicCards is a brand new innovation included in the MAXfocus RemoteManagement (the remote cloud based network monitoring tool for MSPs) dashboard, and is unique in the world of RMM. LogicCards leverages machine learning from the world’s largest Managed Services community to provide unique updates and notifications directly to the MAXfocus RemoteManagement dashboard.

A key point with LogicCards is that the notifications you will receive have moved from being Descriptive Analytics (basic reporting of what has already occurred) to being Prescriptive Analytics (determines what is likely to happen and provides the best course of action for an optimal outcome).

Let us use an example that we all deal with, Traffic, to explain how this works in more detail:

  • Descriptive: There was an accident on the road this morning that resulted in a 9-kilometer backup
  • Predictive: Because there has been an accident on a road further ahead in your intended route, traffic movement is slow and there is an anticipated increase in the travel time to your destination of 30 minutes
  • Prescriptive: There has been an accident on the road ahead which will result in a delay in reaching your destination – take the next exit and follow the revised directions to minimize your delay
  • Automated: Your self-driving car has adapted the route to your destination, saving you 30 minutes in your travel time – sit back and relax

LogicCards Prescriptive Analytics will help you:

  • Identify Security risks/ issues
  • Identify missing features
  • Identify system upgrade opportunities
  • Assist your client’s in maintaining PCI and HIPAA compliance

Actions and remediation can be done directly from the notifications or you can assign it to the correct person for them to act on. This improves productivity all while saving you time.

Best of all, LogicCards will learn with the more you utilise it and will automatically filter out the alerts you regularly ignore, meaning you only see what is important to you.

If you are interested in learning more about LogicCards, you can register today for the upcoming webinar that will explain how LogicCards works and how it will benefit you.

LogicCards is available right now. If you are interested in trying LogicCards for yourself, contact Soft Solutions to get signed up for a free trial of MAXfocus RemoteManagement.

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