Offsite Transfers and DR at No Charge – June Only

StorageCraft have announced that for orders placed between now and 30 June 2015, when you order ShadowProtect Virtual Server licenses you can get the offsite add-on ImageManager iFTP and the disaster recovery tool Headstart Restore at no extra charge.

At normal pricing, a 3-guest license of ShadowProtect for Virtual Servers has an RRP of $1094.50 plus GST. That gives one end-user a license key to install ShadowProtect on up to three virtual machines for backup to a local image repository. To get the images to a cloud repository you need to also purchase a license for ShadowControl ImageManager Intelligent FTP for each server being protected, which has an RRP of $163.90 plus GST per server – so three hosts plus three iFTP jobs is $1586.20 plus GST.

The promo for this month is that for the same price as you normally pay just for ShadowProtect for Virtual Servers, you also get ShadowControl ImageManager Intelligent FTP thrown in. But wait, there’s more. (No, not a free set of steak knives). You ALSO get one license of StorageCraft’s ImageManager HeadStart Restore for each VM. HeadStart Restore lets you pre-stage backup images as a virtual machine, minimising the time needed to bring a server online from backup should disaster strike. HeadStart Restore normally has an RRP of $328.90 plus GST – but in this promo it’s yours for no extra charge.

Many of you already use ImageManager to transfer files off-site, but not so many have been choosing HeadStart Restore, so with this promo you get to try it out. Here’s a link to a PDF that talks about how Starwood Group has cut their recovery time to just one or two hours, thanks to ShadowProtect and HeadStart Restore.

How to order

The three products in this promo are included in the StorageCraft bundle ShadowProtect Virtual Server Suite which has an RRP of $1644.50 plus GST. But for the rest of this month they have dropped the price of Virtual Server Suite to the same price as the guest licenses alone. To take advantage of this promo deal you must order the Virtual Server Suite part numbers, and note that the suite has a minimum quantity of three licenses. Please also take note that the renewal price when maintenance expires will be based on the regular Virtual Server Suite renewal pricing.

Description Sofsol Part # Standard RRP
Promo Price
Virtual Server Suite 3 Pack including 1 year of Maintenance 310570 $1,644.50 $1,094.50 $550
Virtual Server Suite 6 Pack including 1 year of Maintenance 310571 $2,414.50 $1,424.50 $990
Virtual Server Suite 12 Pack including 1 year of Maintenance 310572 $3,294.50 $2,084.50 $1,210
Virtual Server Suite 24 Pack including 1 year of Maintenance 310573 $6,374.50 $4,125.00 $2,249.50
Virtual Server Suite 50 Pack including 1 year of Maintenance 310574 $13,194.50 $8,525.00 $4,669.50
3 Year maintenance promotional priced packs also available .

ShadowProtect Virtual includes support for Vmware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Oracle Virtual Box

Pricing is on new licenses, credits will not be issued to licenses purchased prior to this promotion being announced.

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