Win the Authentication Battle with ManageEngine

Are your customers’ administrative passwords insecurely shared & lie scattered in the organisation leaving little scope for any internal controls? Do your customers often have passwords stored in spreadsheets, text files or even home-grown tools that leave them vulnerable to cybercriminals? Why not use a tool to manage the password access for your customer sites? Become part of the over 300,000 IT administrators & end users who log into Password Manager Pro & manage millions of privileged passwords.

To give you an idea of Password Manager Pro & how it can help you. David Hendriksen, Product specialist at Soft Solutions will be running a webinar on 4th of June at 2pm, with a product overview including the main features, as well as answering any questions that you may have. Click here to register.

It doesn’t matter how strong your password is, the real culprit is often overlooked: poor password management. Real access controls do not exist in most organisations, with passwords to sensitive resources and applications remaining unchanged for long periods of time. This opens up security issues and other problems that you may be oblivious to. Aside from external threats like cybercriminals, internal threats are also emerging, especially with insider sabotage caused by disgruntled or sacked employees and anyone who has access to privileged passwords.What’s the answer to these threats?

Access to IT resources should strictly be based on job roles and responsibilities, supplemented with clear trails or evidence that reveals who accessed what and when. Passwords should be regulated, with a well-established workflow in place for release of passwords and the enforcement of frequent rotation. Password Manager Pro provides the answers and so much more.

Password Manager Pro is not just a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information like passwords, digital identities and documents of organisations, it also provides many more benefits as outlined below.

Increase Your Efficiency:

  • Share passwords with other users & enable frequent password changes
  • Manage passwords across platforms, license keys & documents

Build Strength in Security:

  • Control password access & store encrypted passwords
  • Enforce password policies & ensure compliance
  • Track & audit password usage, plus eliminate hard-coding of passwords

Improve Your Productivity:

  • Recover any lost passwords in no time & reduce the support desk workload
  • Uninterrupted access to passwords

Centralized Control:

  • Can store passwords in a centralized secure vault & generate reports, plus track password status
  • Easy access from anywhere using a web interface, giving you the ability to remotely reset your passwords.

Licensing is Simple:

Password Manager Pro licenses are based on two factors: The number of Administrators & the Edition type:

  • Standard Edition – Provides a secure password repository to store your passwords and selectively share them among enterprise users.
  • Premium Edition – Apart from storing and sharing your passwords. Enterprise-class password management features include remote password synchronisation, password alerts & notifications, application to application password management, reports, high-availability two-factor authentication and others.
  • Enterprise Edition – This newly released edition provides all the features of the Standard & Premium editions, plus more enterprise-class features like auto discovery of privileged accounts, integration with ticketing systems & SIEM solutions, jump server configuration, application-to-application password management, out-of-the-box compliance reports and the use of SQL server/cluster as a backend database.


  • Password Manager Pro Standard licensed for two administrators has an RRP of $2,036 plus GST.
  • Password Manager Pro Premium licensed for five administrators has an RRP of $4,913 plus GST.
  • Password Manager Pro Enterprise starts at ten administrators with an RRP of $12,310 plus GST.

These prices include maintenance for one year.

Prefer MSP Instead?

The Managed Service Providers (MSP) edition is a multi-tenanted solution allowing service providers to store customer passwords securely and with certainty as customers will not be able to see each other’s data. This can be used within Enterprise IT environments where multiple departments want to share one instance of Password Manager Pro with segregation of data between departments. E.g. If IT, Finance & HR are all using Password Manager Pro, but only HR staff can have access to the HR passwords.

Password Manager Pro, Standard, Premium & Enterprise are available as MSP editions. Call us or get in contact with our ManageEngine team to see what MSP options are suited to you.

Try it today & Get Involved:

Give Password Manager Pro a try. Evaluate all the features of Premium edition with the ability to add two administrators & manage unlimited resources. Start your 30 day trial today. Click here to download. The MSP edition is also available to trial for 30 days, click here.

Don’t forget to register your spot on the ‘ManageEngine Password Manager Pro – Banish the post-it’ webinar & get involved with David Hendriksen on any questions you may have. The Webinar will be held on Thursday 4th June from 2pm to 3pm, click here for more details.

For more pricing options or further information on Password Manager Pro, contact our sales team today.