Ericom Connect, an affordable alternative to Citrix XenApp

Today mobility is King and IT users expect to be able to access key company information and applications on a variety of devices running a variety of Operating Systems – Windows, Linux, XOS, iOS and Android. Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS), aka Terminal Services, does a great job of publishing Windows Desktops onto remote Windows based clients or Thin Client appliances, but when it comes to publishing selected applications for this myriad of operating environments it becomes a lot more challenging. Until now this has been the sweet spot for Citrix XenApp.Ericom Connect is the ideal solution for customers who want the freedom to choose a powerful, yet more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to Citrix XenApp. Ericom provides the same key security, reliability, performance, and usability benefits that Citrix offers – at a price more organizations can afford.

The target market is either those users who would like to achieve more functionality around their RDS/TS environment but aren’t willing to pay the high price to get Citrix XenApp or those customers who are using XenApp but would like to reduce their costs.

All the features you need – minus the complexity and overhead:

  • Hyper-scalable, easier to deploy and use – supports up to 100,000 concurrent users per Ericom Connect management server
  • Rapid deployment – in hours vs. days for typical installations
  • Supports up to 30% more sessions per Terminal Server / RDS than Citrix; reducing licensing, hardware and maintenance costs
  • A compelling price point that’s ideal for wide deployments of Terminal Services / Server Based Computing (SBC) deployments
  • Multiple application publishing is a breeze
  • Deliver centrally managed access to applications / virtual or published desktops, on any combination of Windows Terminal Servers, virtual or published, and Blade PCs
  • Support for Windows, Linux, Mac, thin clients, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets/smartphones, Chromebooks, BlackBerry/Playbook and other user-devices
  • Includes clientless access from devices with HTML5 compatible browsers

“I really, really like Ericom Connect 7.0… Everything just feels pretty dead simple, and there are a lot of things around the reporting and analysis that Citrix doesn’t even have after 20 years.” – Brian Madden, Desktop Virtualization Expert,

Whether you require unlimited scalability or an easy, out-of-the-box connection broker, Ericom Connect answers to both – in one robust access management solution that is easy to deploy and use.

Ericom Connect comes in two Editions – Pro and Enterprise. While targeted at the SMB market, the Pro Edition will meet the needs of most NZ businesses with support for up to 10 RDS/TS Hosts, 1000 concurrent users and a maximum of 30 published applications. The Enterprise Edition supports quantities above these numbers as well as a number of additional “Enterprise” features – including a multi-tenanted console.

More details and trial software can be found at

Ericom Connect can be licensed on a Named User basis or on a Concurrent User basis.

  • Pricing for the Professional Edition starts at an RRP of $126.03 per Named User or an RRP of $231.51 per Concurrent User for 5-99 users.
  • Pricing for the Enterprise Edition starts at an RRP of $186.30 per Named User or an RRP of $341.10 per Concurrent User for 1000-2499 users.
  • Academic/Charitable/Government discounts are available. Please contact sales for a quote.

We can also offer MSP/SPLA licensing – please contact Paul Leslie directly if you would like to discuss this option.