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The storage landscape is changing. Cloud storage has been a buzzword for a while, but now industries and products are coming to Australia and New Zealand that make it a more plausible reality. One of those is Managed Online Backup (MOB) from LogicNow. Natural disasters, malicious teenagers with a grudge, Cryptolocker, the list of threats to businesses and users alike is endless. They abound everywhere and majority you will never see coming. It is the reason you hear the word backup thrown around so much – it has never been more important.Most end-users never concern themselves with the idea of backing up their data until that fateful day when the worst happens and it is all lost. The ideal scenario would be to take the worry and concern away from them, and handle their backups in the background. For this scenario, MAXFocus Managed Online Backup service is ideal.

Managed Online Backup is a robust tool based on LogicNow’s dedicated MAX Backup application and provides you with the ability to control and monitor your client’s backups remotely.

Managed Online Backup can be activated for each customer site or device as required and its flexible settings options allow you to control almost every aspect of the process. You can initiate backups for your Client’s Workstations and Servers, both physical and virtual, right from a central dashboard. These backups can be done at a file, application or machine level for added flexibility. You have the same options available to you when restoring as well.

When restoring with MOB you have the ability to be specific with the data you wish to restore, be it a file, folder, application or the entire disk. You can also navigate through archived backups to choose one taken on a certain date. This entire process is as simple as selecting the device and choosing Restore from the Managed Online Backup drop down menu. The steps to restoring a backup are intuitive and easy and your device will be up and running before you know it. If necessary MOB also gives you the ability to restore a backup to a new device should the old device need to be retired.

Other features of Managed Online Backup include:

  • The MOB Backup Manager can be downloaded and launched directly from a central Dashboard. Backup network shares, Exchange Information Stores, Oracle database, Microsoft SharePoint, and SQL Server instances and take application aware VMware (ESX only) snapshots. Support for Microsoft Hyper-V and MySQL data sources is now included in Managed Online Backup 2014.
  • Changes to the data are searched for at the disk block level using True Delta technology. This makes Managed Online Backup highly effective at maximizing storage capacity and bandwidth, as on average only 0.1 – 0.5% of the protected data set will have changed. The LocalSpeedVault feature can provide an on-site copy of your backup as well, at no extra cost.
  • Launch the Backup Manager directly from your Dashboard. Restore the last backup or any backup from the last 28-days, all at the disk block level, either from the MAX datacentre or from the optional LocalSpeedVault.
  • Designate a specific device’s data source as a never to be deleted archive using the Managed Online Backup Archiving Service. This provides a snapshot of the customer’s data, which you can then recover from the archive regardless of whether that particular record has been deleted.
  • Daily Safety Check can monitor the success and integrity of the backup. The results of these checks can be included in Client Reports. Additional charges will apply for these checks.
  • Three Dedicated Managed Online Backup reports:
    • Backup Integrity Report shows the integrity of all monitored backup products at a client.
    • Backup Selection Report shows exactly how much data is being stored for each client.
    • Backup Session History Report contains the information displayed in the Backup tab in an easy to access format.
  • A new HTML-based Backup Manager was introduced from the Agent 9.80 onwards. This allows for an improved users experience and increased responsiveness. Backup Manager can be launched directly from your browser in Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (10+) when connecting to remote devices.

Managed Online Backup is built directly into the MAX Remote Management platform. The MOB service can be run on its own without having to enable the other checks and services that are bundled with Remote Management. This means that you can provide a robust, monitored backup service and not have concern yourself or your clients with anything but. At the same time, the option exists should they wish for you to begin monitoring their sites and devices for any potential issues you would be in the ideal situation to do so.

If you would like further info on Managed Online Backup, or more details on how to enable only Managed Online Backup in MAX Remote Management you can contact us directly at

You may also be interested in watching the Managed Online Backup Webinar done by Kris Hansen from LogicNow.