Swapping from Exchange to Kerio Connect

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Exchange was cheap when customers used SBS, but the price is a lot higher now if they want to install on-premise. Kerio Connect offers are complete solution at a fraction of the price.

Feedback from a reseller’s real-world experience: I have to say that, all in all, the whole installation was really quite straightforward. Yes, there were a few “gotchas” along the way (mainly to do with Active Directory integration) but no show-stoppers. Besides, there are plenty of articles on their website to get you out of trouble. Importing the email from Exchange to Kerio wasn’t as easy as they would have us believe & we ended up exporting to PSTs and re-importing. On the PCs, the Kerio Connect client installed without any problems on even the oldest machines (some of which barely ran Outlook) and the web client is superb – a far cry from Outlook Web Access. Smartphone setup was a complete breeze & works well. The logging facilities within the management console are brilliant & the whole thing does exactly what it says “on the box”. There aren’t too many products that can say that. So now we have a server which has plenty of resources to run my client’s line of business application database, rather than just email. My client is totally happy, because from their perspective, it’s business as usual but it only cost a quarter of the price of Exchange 2013. (RRP starts from $626 plus GST for five users) Click here for more information or contact our sales team for a quote.