Launching ShadowProtect SPX for Linux

Did you know that 35.9 percent of all the publicly-accessible servers on the internet run Linux? But who and what is backing those up?StorageCraft have just announced the release of StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX for Linux, a sector-based backup and disaster recovery product. SPX seamlessly extends the capabilities of ShadowProtect to Linux servers—both virtual and physical. StorageCraft designed SPX as the most advanced backup and recovery system for Linux available today. All the features that administrators and users rely on with ShadowProtect in the Windows environment, such as mount, verify, retention and VirtualBoot, are supported and enhanced on the Linux platform with SPX. Features include:

  • A new user interface that allows you to easily view detailed information about Linux backup job
  • A StorageCraft-built snapshot driver for Linux that ensures you get a solid backup every time
  • Customizable scheduling options for complete flexibility
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6, and CentOS 6
  • SPX can connect to different machines also running SPX. SPX then provides all options available locally to the remote systems via the management connection
  • Perform a VirtualBoot of a Windows OS or a Linux OS on Linux

Important information:

  • This is a version 1 release, support for additional Linux platforms and a console for monitoring and management across Linux and Windows servers is still in development.
  • The pricing for SPX is the same as ShadowProtect 5
  • Competitive upgrades are available
  • 15-day trial versions are available from the StorageCraft website
  • A short training video will be released in the next day or two on SPX as will be the localized datasheets

Want to try ShadowProtect SPX now? Click here for more details.

Click here to read the full user guide at the StorageCraft website or if you prefer a visual peak into StorageCraft SPX for Linux, check out this quick video.

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