Is Exchange Down?

Did you know that PRTG can test your Exchange Server 24/7? And it does more than just a “ping” test. paessler_logo_840x185_r
PRTG by Paessler will tell you there’s a problem before your colleagues call and complain about their email being slow.

This is how it works: PRTG’s Email Round Trip Sensor allows you to monitor Exchange Server availability and performance and also ensure email end-to-end delivery. It checks whether your Exchange Server is delivering emails to the outside world properly and whether it is receiving properly, too. In addition, it provides you with timespan metrics of the entire send and receive process.

Moreover, PRTG offers sensors for standard SMTP, POP3 and IMAP monitoring to check the availability of these services and even provides special WMI and Powershell sensors to monitor the health of your Exchange Server. Watch this tutorial by Torsten, Technical Support Engineer at Paessler and get the whole picture in only 12 minutes.

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PS: Did you know that everything you have read in this email is doable with the freeware version of PRTG? The freeware edition lets you take full advantage of up to 30 sensors with no charge.