Application Control with GFI WebMonitor 2015

A recent article in CIO magazine outlines the top 20 biggest issues facing businesses not implementing a comprehensive web filtering solution. The top 5 issues include bandwidth bills, HR issues with offensive content, offended employees, lost productivity and employee monitoring. It’s often scary to think, that for the low cost implementation of a simple Web Filtering solution, most companies are willing to risk the very real financial and productivity loss instead. In addition, one of the most common requests we see, are companies looking to implement such a solution after they have been impacted and suffered.

GFI’s latest iteration of their Web Filtering solution – WebMonitor 2015, has been rebuilt from the ground up. The new faster, streamlined engine brings with it new levels of efficiency and scalability for larger environments. The completely redesigned interface for quick, seamless navigation from setup and deployment through to everyday management, promises to make it a simple to use, yet pivotal tool in any networked environment. Below is a quick highlight, of some of its key features:

  • Application Control gives IT admins the ability to detect and manage over 700 web based applications through GFI’s new application control technology comprising of signature pattern matching, deep protocol detection, flow awareness engines as well as statistical inspection.
  • The Social Control feature can block Facebook applications, games and other social networking functions, enabling you to control access without completely blocking the site.
  • Remote Filtering with GFI WebMonitor enables you to apply filtering policies and web monitoring even when not connected to the corporate network.
  • Search Engine Monitoring lets you search queries to provide valuable insight into the mind set of your users. Monitoring queries can help identify high-risk behaviour.
  • Surf Time Policies enable administrators to strike a balance between productivity loss and unhappy employees.
  • Tackle Web-Based Threats with GFI WebMonitor’s excellent zero-day threat protection by scanning all downloads using up to 3 antivirus engines.
  • Interactive Dashboards allow you to gain insight into your web activity using the real-time, interactive dashboards that allow you to filter and drill down to the specific data you need.
  • Action-based Alerts let admins configurable alerts that notify relevant stakeholders when possible high- risk situations develop.
  • Block Connections in Real Time GFI WebMonitor gives precise control to IT administrators, enabling them to identify large downloads and block them in real time.

The new version of WebMonitor, also brings with it a new form of licensing; a single full-featured edition to cover all environments – making renewals a breeze.

Pricing for the GFI WebMonitor 2015 Subscription 1yr starts at an RRP of $40.79 NZD plus GST per user, with a minimum of 10 users. To trial GFI’s latest web filtering solution, trial WebMonitor 2015 now.

GFI WebMonitor is an on-premise solution for customers with their own servers in the office or a data centre. We also have cloud-based options billed monthly if your customers would prefer that model – please call us