Drive a Toyota GT86 – on us!

Have you seen the Toyota GT86 around town? Would you like to drive one? Buy selected VoIP products between now and 20th October and go in the draw to have one of these to yourself for two weeks! The small print: need to have bought at least $500 across multiple orders for VoIP products from Soft Solutions by the 20th of October – that’s 3CX, Grandstream, Yealink or other brands listed on our VoIP micro-site. You need to add the car to your insurance policy while you have it. You pay the tickets 🙂 We want you to have fun, but you pay for us to make good any nicks, dents or scratches.

Top Gear’s Car of the Year for 2012

What can you order? Click here to see the brands listed on the Soft Solutions VoIP micro-site.

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