Vendor Watch – FastTrack makes Powershell, VB Script and script writing redundant

Discover the benefits of ONE product to automate the administration of your Windows Network sofsol.png

Whatever needs automating within your Windows network – you can do it the FastTrack way.

FastTrack Automation Studio, now distributed in NZ by Soft Solutions, allows you to build EXE and MSI files in minutes. You can build Outlook signature apps, laptop backup apps, cloud inventory apps with geotracking, thin client shells, repackage installations into MSI format for mass-deployment and much more using simple wizards. NO SCRIPTING expertise required.

Under the hood FastTrack is a high-level scripting language knocking off all competition with an unmatched 1200+ commands available through the Engine Browser tree in the script editor. These are your basic building blocks, which you use to construct scripts.

For the more ambitious amongst you, you can choose to write custom scripts, with the Scripting Mode thus unleashing even more features, such as logon scripts with stunning graphical user interfaces, software deployment, custom EXE and MSI building and the world’s fastest directory synchronizer, just to name a few.

FastTrack is based on the idea of “one operation – one script line”. This means that any one item on the list, you can do with ONE SCRIPT LINE ONLY. This makes your scripts up to 10 times smaller than counterparts made with PowerShell, VBScript or KiXtart. Although in many cases, scripts made with FastTrack are unrealistic to implement with any of these languages.

FastTrack is built by Network admins for Network admins.

Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interfaces (GUI) capability is one of the most important parts of FastTrack and is one of the things that makes it very different from all other scripting languages.

User interfaces are important because that is what users see, and based on what they see, they will make judgment of your work. They cannot appreciate your implementation details of a script; they can only judge your work by what is presented to them.

Traditionally scripting is GUI-less for a number of reasons. One being that few network admins have any graphics skills or sense of good form layout at all. FastTrack Scripting Host has pre-build professional looking user interfaces that can all be used simply by writing a single script line – and with your company name on them.


FastTrack Automation Studio comes in 3 Editions – SMB, Enterprise and Platinum. There are also a number of standalone products including Inventory Server Edition, Backup Edition, Outlook Edition, Thin PC Edition and MSI Edition.

Cloud Inventory Edition (aka SkyBox) is a cloud-based subscription service providing inventory for hardware and software installed on your Windows computers in your organization. All you need to do is to install a setup file, or email an installation link to your users, and you’re live. You now have instant access to your inventory anytime anywhere from your laptop, tablet or mobile device and you know who has which computer and how many licenses you need for your software. You have NO internal infrastructure – it’s pure plug’n’play. And if a computer is stolen and turned on, you will get the city name and IP address, which the police can track back to its owner.

Checkout the Comparison Table to see what features are available in each Edition.

How is FastTrack Automation Studio licensed?

Each computer (Desktop, Laptop, Server, Tablet, etc.) that executes a script, or an exe or msi file built with FastTrack Automation Studio, requires one seat license. Once a computer is licensed, any number of users may use that computer to execute scripts and applications without any additional licensing – only exception is if you have more users executing Remote Desktop Services sessions than computers. In other words – in most cases you would simply count the number of computers in your organization and purchase that number of seats. If you are uncertain about the number of seats required for your organization, or for more information please contact sales or call on 0800 733 233.

Minimum purchase is 50 seats. Pricing starts at $17.07 per seat for the SMB Edition, $21.95 per seat for the Enterprise Edition and $29.27 per seat for the Platinum Edition. The standalone products all start at $12.20 per seat. Price breaks are available for 200+ seats and all prices reflect a perpetual license inclusive of 12 months maintenance. The exception is SkyBox (Cloud Inventory Edition) which has an annual subscription of $9.80 per seat inclusive of maintenance. (All prices are exclusive of GST).

Test Drive Today

You can download the product and use it in trial, which lets you test-drive any edition. Any scripts created with the trial will work with a licensed version; you only need to swap your trial key with your purchased license key. The trial is valid for 14 days and is limited to testing on 5 machines. For example, you can only successfully deploy an MSI package created with the trial to 5 machines. If you deploy to more than 5 machines, it will not work on machines in excess of number 5. Should you require more seats for testing, please contact us.

Paul Leslie – Business Development Manager
Direct: 0-9-306 0456, Mobile: 0-27-482-1630