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Spreadsheets? Text documents? Post-it notes? How are you managing the passwords to your customer’s infrastructure?

With ever increasing devices and servers to manage across multiple customers, password management is a major challenge for any Managed Service Provider. Support engineers need quick, easy access to passwords in order to work efficiently, however all too often this is achieved at the expense of security. Passwords are stored in multiple spreadsheets, text documents or written down. They are often shared via unsecured channels such as email, and all too often there are multiple repositories that end up with differing passwords. It all becomes too much of a challenge, and too often organisations simply put it in the “too hard” basket and leave it up to individual engineers or teams to devise a solution. This approach is bad enough for internal passwords, for customer’s passwords it can be a disaster waiting to happen.

The new MSP version of Password Manager Pro from ManageEngine is the perfect solution to this challenge, enabling service providers to securely store, share and manage passwords for their internal organisation and all of their customers.

The core of Password Manager Pro MSP is a multi-tenanted password vault. Here passwords for a range of servers, network devices, cloud services and even license keys and documentation can be securely stored, and shared to specified users or groups. Passwords for each customer, as well as the MSP organisation, are fully segregated. Technicians can be given access to view passwords for all customers, or only those whose systems they are working on. Access can also be granted to users at the customer’s organisation, allowing the MSP to offer password management to the customer as well as internally. All password access and changes are fully audited.

Convenient access to passwords is as important as securely storing them, particularly for technicians out working on site. Passwords can be retrieved using the web interface on a workstation, tablet or smartphone, and a dedicated phone app allows caching so passwords can still be accessed offline. Connections to the Password Manager server are encrypted to prevent password data being intercepted. For additional security, two-factor authentication can be enabled, including the convenient and easy to implement Google Authenticator app.

In addition to the password vault, Password Manager Pro MSP also allows passwords to be remotely updated, allowing scheduled password rotation as well as on demand changes. Changes to passwords for service accounts or scheduled tasks are automatically updated across all servers. Temporary single-use passwords can be created that expire after a specified time or after use to allow secure access for contractors. Both RDP and SSH/Telnet sessions launched from the application are recorded and stored, allowing user activity to be audited.

Free yourself from spreadsheets and post-it note passwords, efficiently manage your internal and customer passwords and offer your customers the peace of mind that their sensitive passwords are being well looked after.

Talk to our ManageEngine team today, about Password Manager Pro MSP.

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