Vendor Watch – 3CX or Grandstream?

Vendor Watch – 3CX or Grandstream?
Now that Soft Solutions has two brands of IP phone system on the books, the question we are often asked – naturally – is “which one should I buy?” and our answer is usually “3CX”. So why do we offer both? We took on Grandstream because they have a great range of IP phones that work very well with 3CX. But then Grandstream came along with their IP PBX as well, the UCM. So how to we position one against the other? The short answer is, 3CX has more features, but for budget-conscious customers or for those who prefer a ready to go appliance approach, even the low price of 3CX may be out of their range, hence why we have introduced the IP PBX from Grandstream to you.

With the recent release of version 12, feedback from our channel partners have confirmed that 3CX has stepped up with Enterprise class functionality that was previously only available in more expensive brands.

Have a look at what the standard edition of 3CX now delivers.

  • Multi-platform clients for Windows, Android and iPhone.
  • Integrated SIP phone, allowing users to switch between CTI mode for use in the office and SIP Phone mode when mobile.
  • Users can see the presence of their colleagues.
  • Conference calling.
  • The 3CX Phone clients for Android and iPhone enables “Push” technology which “wakes up” your phone when a new VoIP call comes in.

The 3CX Phone System Pro edition has these additional features:

  • Disconnected calls maintain queue position.
  • Using caller ID, including number to name conversion via Exchange integration.
  • Unanswered call monitoring and reporting.
  • Ability to review the average and longest waiting time customers were in a queue.
  • A Wallboard, which displays real-time queue and call statistics.
  • Receiving alerts if a customer is waiting in a queue beyond the SLA (Service Level Agreement) time.

Alternatively, we find Grandstream more suitable if you have customers connecting multiple phones direct to SIP providers the UCM appliance makes VoIP management easy, but as soon as they want things like fully-integrated mobile clients, and extended call handling then 3CX is the way to go.

For more information, please contact our VoIP team at voip or call 0-9-306 0450 to talk to us.

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