GFI LanGuard 2014 Introduces Network Auditing as a Service

GFI LanGuard is primarily a robust vulnerability and audit scanning tool with Patch Management functionality, designed to detect network vulnerabilities before they are exposed, reducing the time required to patch machines on your network. With the release of LanGuard 2014, GFI have not just brought exciting new features, adding support for mixed network environments but have also introduced a new Consultancy Licence created specifically for IT partners. The LanGuard Consultancy licence gives IT partners the option of carrying out onsite audit and vulnerability scans across an unlimited number of customers’ sites for the length of their licence subscription.What’s new in LanGuard 2014?

  • LanGuard 2014 now helps small-medium sized business cope with the risks that BYOD policies introduce by providing them with the ability to conduct vulnerability assessment for all smartphones and tablets that connect to a business’s Microsoft Exchange servers, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phones.
  • A new feature includes the addition of patch management for major Linux distributions including: Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and higher, CentOS 5 and higher, Ubuntu 10.04 and higher, Debian 6 and higher, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and higher, openSUSE 11 and higher.
  • The addition of automatic patch management support for a significant number of new third party applications makes LanGuard a complete patch management solution. The new patch management third party applications cover instant messaging , utilities, media, document imaging, online storage/backup, FTP clients and Adobe Creative Suite. For a full list of supported third-party applications, click here.

Pricing: Licensed per node, RRP for LanGuard 2014 starts at just $42.11 plus GST per node for a perpetual licence with 1 year maintenance which includes 12 months of product updates and technical support.

How does the Consultancy licence work?

GFI have launched their LanGuard Consultancy Plus licence with the release of LanGuard 2014. This new licence structure gives IT partners the ability to carry out an audit for an unlimited number of customer sites, an audit includes 1 initial scan, 1 remediation scan and 2 verification scan. Licensed per consultant, if additional licences are required for multiple employees at multiple sites then a new licence must be purchased. Pricing for LanGuard Consultancy Plus is based on the maximum node count at your largest customer’s network site, starting at a minimum of 25 nodes, unit pricing retails at $19.74 plus GST. LanGuard Consultancy Plus is a subscription based licence and must be renewed annually for continued use. Additional nodes can be added if larger customers with bigger node counts are added to your portfolio.

Learn more about the latest features of LanGuard 2014 or to receive more information and pricing for the LanGuard Consultancy Plus licence, contact the GFI team today.

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