Zero-footprint Backup for Virtual Hosts – SMB, Corporate, Enterprise or Cloud

Zero-footprint Backup for Virtual Hosts – SMB, Corporate, Enterprise or Cloud
Here’s the deal. PHD Virtual offers you the absolute best value in virtual backup and monitoring for VMware and Citrix platforms. With more than 5,000 customers of all sizes worldwide, PHD Virtual make backup and monitoring more effective, easier to use and far more affordable than competitive alternatives and Soft Solutions is now New Zealand’s sole distributor of PHD Virtual.

PHD Virtual have declared war on products that only add complexity and cost to your virtual world. They recognize that whether you are a small growing business, a thriving large business enterprise or a Cloud Service Provider, you need to assure data protection and monitor your systems without having to maintain separate physical servers, or pay for and patch third-party software deployed outside your virtual environment.

They are changing expectations about the virtual software experience because of the unique advantages built in to their Virtual Backup Appliance solutions (VBA) and robust infrastructure monitoring products.

  • PHD Virtual Backup for VMware or Citrix offers a 100% virtualized footprint deployed as a virtual appliance enabling you to manage backup directly from your vSphere or XenServer hypervisor and requires no physical servers or additional software
  • You can easily scale to quickly meet your organization’s growing backup and recovery performance requirements or fault tolerance needs by deploying additional VBAs —all done seamlessly within your virtual environment.
  • And, you can keep watch over your entire physical and virtual infrastructure with PHD Virtual Monitor to quickly spot problems and remediate issues across your physical and virtual environments through a single pane of glass.

Here’s why PHD Virtual makes the most sense for your business

Let’s face it; the legacy tools your customers are probably using for data protection and monitoring can no longer do the job. They were built for physical environments and are far too complex and costly to manage. You want backup and monitoring solutions that meet your need for speed and ease of use. PHD Virtual delivers the goods because they are…and will continue to be…

  • Amazingly easy and quick to install, configure, and implement
  • So easy to use that you don’t need any training or documentation
  • The leader in “Set it and forget it” functionality that just works
  • The highest and broadest functionality at the lowest cost
  • The easiest way to scale up as your environment and business needs grow

What you get

PHD Virtual Backup:

  • Cost-effective and Easy to Implement – Installs and configures in less than 10 minutes. There are no additional costs for 3rd party OS or hardware. Your time to value is instant!
  • Hypervisor Client Integration for Ease of Use – Leverages your existing virtualization management interface for your backups. Easy to use wizards let you “set it and forget it” and if an issue arises, we provide email alerting and reports to ensure issues can be quickly detected and corrected.
  • Combined Backup and Replication – Combines TrueDedupe and TrueRestore technologies in a single, easy to use solution. Data is backed up and replicated in the most efficient and reliable way to deliver 96% in storage savings over time.
  • Scale with ease – Easily deploys and centrally manages additional VBAs to ensure that your backup window is not growing just because your data is.
  • Microsoft Application Integration – Ensures application consistency and application awareness for Microsoft applications, such as Exchange and SQL Server. You don’t need deep application knowledge or separate tools to ensure application-level awareness in your backup process. You can even write your own scripts for custom applications for PHD to execute as part of the backup process.

PHD Virtual Monitor:

  • Comprehensive Monitoring for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud – Ensures your IT services are healthy and available by monitoring your virtual environments and the surrounding physical infrastructure – all within a single dashboard.
  • Quicker, easier root cause analysis – Provides simple Dashboard views, plus detailed alert information, to help spot problems quickly and easily.
  • Simple, yet robust application monitoring – Unlike most virtual monitoring solutions, we let you dig deeper into any application with granular, yet simple, application watches.
  • Easy setup with pre-configured monitoring rules – Quickly auto-discovers your virtual environment and assigns pre-configured monitoring rules for VMs, hosts, virtual storage, and even applications, such as Microsoft Exchange and Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp,—all in a few minutes with little knowledge required of the applications themselves.
  • Detailed, scheduled reporting – Generates “Set and forget” detailed periodic reports to trend information for long-term capacity planning, providing visibility for management and reports on inventory for auditors

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